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Who We are


As always, the idea comes first.

If you were watching the news before 2011, you might have noticed that we live in a pretty hypocritical world. The word "fake news" didn't exist back then, but the public relations best practices of the 1950's were the same as they are today.
Environment was an issue, but only in talks, podiums and world forums. In fact, so to speak, nothing was done. The consequences of climate change were only in the minds of scientists and a few people who were particularly interested. The general public felt none of this. And if you don't immediately perceive it as a danger, there is no need for action.

There was enough energy, although coal, gas and everything you burned wasn't exactly CO2 friendly, there was also the environmentally friendly version with nuclear power plants built with outdated technology that was useful for weapons-grade uranium, and only then became unhealthy when they exploded.
Electric vehicles have been very effectively suppressed by the stranglehold of the oil companies, as has pretty much everything related to non-oil energy.
Corporations used the techniques of intelligence, public relations and warfare to stay in power and did everything, absolutely everything, not to alienate investors with poor returns.
And what did politics do? How could she do anything when all she had to do was dance like puppets to the master and keep up appearances.
But the future of mankind was at stake. . . .It was secured as long as it was under full control and surveillance and was producing.

A gloomy picture. Could it get any worse?
What could I possibly do? Should I throw in the towel and just surrender to fate?
No I decided to do SOMETHING. Inaction would certainly not achieve anything. But making a difference might have chance.

But WHAT should be done? HOW could something be improved?
And how do you finance this crazy idea?
Well, I decided to take small steps. First something that immediately had a positive effect and gave the idea time to grow. We also had to get in some money to start the next project on the long list.

The cooperative

The whole thing had to be put into a form that would last for 1000 years. A public company is subject to the risk of a hostile takeover. A non-capital based company form was therefore the solution. The cooperative.

I was able to convince six other people that this was a good thing and so we brought the seven founding members together to register.

A non-profit cooperative would serve the purpose and have an infinite lifespan.
Der ursprüngliche Name war: We I P = We Important People. We little people were also important. And we little people would be able to make a difference together.
We then abbreviated it to WIP SERVICE because we mainly provide services.

Then it had to be laid down in the statutes that the money earned through services had to be used for projects that would improve the situation. In addition, however, money had to be reinvested in the cooperative itself so that the cooperative itself could grow. Hence the solution with the 30% of the profit for funding in the philanthropic area.

What about donations? Yes, of course, but I wanted to build the fundraising cause on a basis that would offer an indirect benefit to the donor. Cooperative members receive discounts from the cooperative itself and from partner companies. So I hope the motivation to become a member of the cooperative and to donate something, at least the cooperative contribution, is a little bigger.
Perhaps at some point there will also be philanthropists who would like to support the cause without self-interest.

I myself and other cooperative members did the work for free at first. Yes, without pay. With so-called volunteer work. The whole thing couldn't get off the ground without sacrifice. Then slowly after a few years there was a modest salary.

In a nutshell

WIP Service Genossenschaft is a non-profit cooperative that promotes the life and survival of humans, but also of life in all its forms as plants and animals, as well as the protection of the resources of this earth.

We want everyone to have a chance to survive, that everyone can receive an education according to their talents, that everyone has a job to support themselves and their families and that there are enough jobs for this. What is self-evident for rich industrialized countries should also apply to the rest of the world, namely sufficient clean water and food, education and training, access to information, communication, energy and a government that takes care of the well-being of all its citizens, equal treatment before the Law, respect for human rights and respect for all people.

However, the desired standard of living in prosperity and freedom must not be at the expense of other life and the wasteful consumption of the resources of this planet. Therefore, we frame our goals in a broader context for all life on this planet. This includes habitat and biodiversity of plants and animals.

We want to help those who are in need. By catastrophes due to natural events, politics, finance, industry, war, etc.

In order to get closer to this ideal, we need resources and money. Instead of begging for donations, we and our partner companies deliver services and products to the members at significantly lower prices, so that it is worthwhile for them to pay an annual fee, which is used to finance large projects. In addition, we promote the interests of our members in mutual self-help worldwide.

Through targeted support, we improve your life and offer protection. Viewed as a whole, the various services and aspects form a whole concept.