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How it works

Improvement projects

To bring about an improvement in the situation, there is not ONE recipe. Many of the unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in as a human race just happened to be because of circumstances. At some point there was a decision and things took their course.
But of course there are also circumstances that were deliberately brought about in order to make a profit, to strengthen one's own power and to weaken the power of a foreign population. Whatever the reasons for all the terrible things that are happening in the world, if we want to do something about it, we analyze the situation and then make a project.

Let's take the project SMEs and startups. Some services are free, others cost (accounting, trusteeship, incorporation), however the cost is lower compared to equivalent services, thus significantly reducing the initial outlay for start-ups and small businesses. The SMEs benefit and we collect know-how to initiate the same project in other countries. SMEs provide jobs, feed people, can create wealth. They contribute significantly to the stability of a country.

Education, training, further education

Education, training, further training is the basis for qualified workers. In order for people to be able to feed themselves, they have to learn something and can then contribute in qualified jobs. Likewise, education reduces confusion in the mind and works against extremism, hatred, ignorance. If people can participate, then they care about politics and at least vote for a reasonable candidate who hopefully will not fill the country with corruption, mismanagement, neglect of government tasks and ignorance.

How is all this financed?

The donations are used for the projects, as are the profits from the paid services. At the same time, however, the cooperative is made more attractive for the members, so that more people want to become members and donate the cooperative contribution.

We Improve - Protect - Serve

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We improve things so that people can survive better in the long term. There is a lot to improve. For example, in many countries it is not a matter of course that children and young people receive an education. Corrupt despots rule who only have their own good in mind; and that too in countries that call themselves democracy. Certain research is not done because it is not profitable or the topic is suppressed. As the population increases, food becomes scarce and new options must be found. Although no one talks about it anymore, global nuclear war is still an issue as long as appropriate weapons exist.
Since our resources are limited, we cannot tackle everything at once. Although we accept donations, our model is not based on donations alone, but by providing services we generate a small profit which is then invested in such projects. This is stipulated in the statutes of the cooperative.

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We must protect what we have achieved. The achievements of democracy, prosperity, justice, good education. These are not things that can be taken for granted. We must always be ready to fight for it.
Projects with the best intentions and good results are always exploited. - A Red Cross refugee camp in Africa was allegedly taken over by gunmen. A relief transport hijacked and looted in 2021.
As soon as something is better, others want it too. We need to fight off gangs, corrupt governments, and jealous neighbors to protect what has been achieved.

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With our services we serve the target groups depending on the project and orientation. A current project are business services for SMEs (company formation, bookkeeping, operational accounting, taxes) . . . SME Project

Education, training, further training and jobs will be another project as soon as the funds are sufficient.

Various projects are presented in the Projects section.